Washington, DC

I spent five days in Washington, D.C. For a conference and squeezed in as much sightseeing, running, and eating that I could.

I did a three and a half hour bike tour of the monuments on the national mall. It was 95 degrees, blazing sun and I just wanted to fall over, but truly it was so worth it.

I had some really yummy food, but some highlights were La Tomate, Sette Osteria, Thaiphoon, Banana Leaves, and Pizzeria Paradiso. Every morning except for one I ran to from my hotel down to the White House. It was about 4 miles round trip and I really wanted to see Michelle Obama.

I was able to get together with an old college girlfriend that I haven’t seen in probably seven years. She works in the area I was staying so we got dinner twice and it was fantastic.

Savannah Half Marathon 

In November 2014, we ran the Rock n’ Roll Savannah Half Marathon. We had plans to go with friends and stay at their family’s condo, but at the last minute everything changed.

We ended up driving from Knoxville, Tennesee to Columbia, South Carolina after work on the Friday. We got a hotel room pretty late, about 11pm. Then we woke up at 2am to drive the rest of the way to Savannah, Georgia. We got there just before 6am and the half marathon started at 7am.

By the time we got lined up in our corral it felt like running the half marathon was going to be the easiest part of that trip. The picture at the top is right when we got to our place and you can tell we are a little manic even though we’re sleep deprived. The video at the bottom is of the starting line and then the near 10,000 people lined up in corrals behind us.

It was gorgeous landscape for the half marathon and I hope we get back to Savannah sometime soon.

After the race, we hung out for about an hour and listened to music, shopped, and got some food. Then, we drove back to Columbia, South Carolina and got back at about 1pm. Thankfully our hotel had a whirlpool and was right next door to a Japanese steakhouse.

We recuperated and slept in on Sunday morning and then got up and drove back to Knoxville. It was absolutely a crazy way to get to and from a half marathon.


In late October of 2014, I presented at the HighEdWeb annual conference in Portland, Oregon.

I convinced hubby to go with and we had a great time shopping, eating, and experiencing as much as we could in downtown Portland.

We visited the historical society’s museum one afternoon, had a rainy morning run in the international rose test garden, and an amazing 6 mile run along the downtown riverfront. We had completely amazing meals while we were there, but the places we still talk about were Shigezo, South Park Seafood, and Ringside Fish House.